Luke, West Sussex

Some example eulogies next to red roses

Friends thoughts and wishes continue and today I'm blown away.

Had a message last night from my mate Edward Slater. He wanted to meet me today as he had 'something for me'. Intriguing.

So today, I met him at the glamourous location that is Tesco in Chi, for him to present me with this... a poem he has written for Lady ?❤

Eddie's a celebrant, so has used his natural talent (& empathy) to write this poem as well as producing a 'Celebration of Lady's Life'
"Booklet" (what's the official name?) - like you get at a funeral.

It means so much Ed. Its made both Dad & I cry but we love it. THANK YOU man..?

I honestly don't know what else to say. Its a lovely thing to do..?