Frequently Asked Questions

What If the celebrant has visited me and I have decided after their visit I did not connect with them or want them to do the service after all?

Hopefully, this should not happen as a funeral home would have thought who in their contacts of Celebrants would be best suited to the family. However, if this does occur, then again, you simply tell the funeral home you have changed you mind. The same would work for myself. If I visited yourself and you decided that I was not what you had Read more..

If I want a religious content to the service but do not want a vicar or priest?

That is fine. Although most celebrants, myself included, are not religious. I have no qualms including and reciting any religious content you give me to say in the service.

I have never had to plan a funeral service before will you tell me what to do?

Tell you no. I wouldn’t dream of it.

Will I help and advise you? then yes of course. There is a difference. I will NEVER say to a client, “You are having it this way” “I am doing this this way”.

What I will do is explain to you what other families have done in my previous services. I will give you a few suggestions and Ideas, Read more..

So how does the process work for Funerals?

After the funeral home has contacted me, they email the details of the deceased. DOB, Date of death age and next of kin and if different whoever the client is paying for the service and they become the point of contact. Note: instructions and final say so re changes to the service is from that person only.

I will then contact the Read more..

What are the benefits of using a Celebrant?

A celebrant will work with you and your family or as a couple, to personally to create a ceremony which is unique to you, or in the case of a funeral your loved one.

Just as no two couples or loved ones are the same, just like to me no two ceremonies are the same.

The ceremony of a celebrant is non-restrictive, so you can freely Read more..