So, how does it work for wedding ceremonies then?

I will contact you and arrange a time to come and visit. In the meantime, I would ask you to think about how you would like the service conducted and what music you want, any reading or tributes from other family members etc ready for when I come to your house.

In between our initial call and my visit, I will email to you my business card and leaflet, that I will also bring with me when I visit.

There I would ask what you have decided on and how you would like the service conducted.

I will make notes and write what I am told so I have the information to hand when I write it up. I write as much as I can, so I do not have to keep pestering you to clarify anything. You have enough to be doing without me keep calling.

Once everything has been discussed, then I will email what I have written up to read from start to finish.

I am only human, so there may be something not quite right be it a date, place, or persons name. So much is said in a meeting little errors like this do occur.

I will say it is written as to how I speak, so something may not seem how you would say something, there also may be a comment I make too.

If your happy with everything then email me back and tell me. If something needs to be amended, then either change it yourself and email me back and say you have amended it or make your changes and highlight it in red for me to see.

I have a saved copy on my laptop which is written ready for me to print so I amend that version, as it is in a larger print making it easier on the day to read.

I would be helpful if any tributes being made by the family are emailed to me, preferably in word document format, including the choices of music.

On the day of the service, I like to contact the family, just to check if there is anything, they need me to do before I get to the venue. (if you need me to grab some tissues, I will get them for you do not worry).

I will be at the venue anywhere from an hour to thirty minutes before the service.

I will always check with whoever is giving a reading if they are still happy to read it or if they have changed their mind, then I am more than happy to read it for them.

It has happened things change at the last minute.

On the day in my folder that I read from, the tributes are printed out to, so if whoever is reading the tribute forgets their copy (not happened to date but always room for the first)