Eddie Slater

Hi my name is Eddie..

I discovered a passion I have for creating designs for invites to parties I have arranged.

More recently, I found myself in need of a service like this for Orders of Services for my wedding and also some personal and close family funerals. The cost to have these done by other professionals was expensive. So I set about doing it myself. You'll be surprised how difficult it really is.

On the day when you want everything to go well, you're left thinking;

I hope I did my loved one proud?

I sure know I did.

Having a natural flair to write poems and been told I have a good way with words, I have written Eulogies and given them to the vicar to read out, as well as given readings at funerals. Having received a lot of impressive feedback afterwards, this set me thinking..


Having offered my services of 'Orders of service' for weddings and funerals to friends and family, why not start doing this professionally?!

So, I researched Celebrants and available training courses. Through a recognised Fellowship of Professional Celebrants company. I completed their course!

I am now a certified Celebrant and also a registered member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants myself.

This enables me to offer people the support and comfort needed to professionally write individual and bespoke words for your Eulogy.

Meeting you at your hardest times to compose a Eulogy and conduct funeral ceremonies.

Now, I’m offering it to you.

Thanks for reading and for your time.

Hopefully I can help?

Many thanks,
Eddie Slater

Making Dreams Come True